A caterpillar’s Dream

A caterpillar's Dream

A little caterpillar descends one day, to the ground. Very close on the way it was a grasshopper. ” Where are you going?” He asked. Without stopping the caterpillar replied: „I ​​had a Dream last night, I dreamed I was looking the whole valley, from the highest mountain top. I liked what I saw in my Dream and I wanted to do that.”
Startled, the grasshopper said, while his friend was going away : „You must be crazy! How will you ever get there? You are a simple caterpillar! A stone will be a mountain, a great pool will be a sea and every tree trunk an impassable barrier.” But the caterpillar was already away and no longer heard. His tiny feet did not stop walking.
Suddenly, he heard the voice of a scarab: ” Where are you going so determined?” Already sweaty, the little caterpillar said: ” I had a Dream and want to fulfill it, to climb the mountain and look down to the whole world.”
The Scarab couldn’t help laughing, stopped at one point and said, „Even I, with feet so large, I could not do something so ambitious.” The scarab was wallowing away laughing, while the caterpillar continued his way.
In the same way, the spider, the mole, the frog and the flower advised our friend to quit. „You’ll never succeed”, they said, but inside was something that was pushing him forward. Already tired, about to die, he decided to stop and get some rest and, with a last effort, to make a small shelter where to spend the night.
„I’ll be better,” was the last thing he said, and died. All animals in the valley have been stooping by to see his remains. He was the craziest creature of all. His grave seemed a monument to absurdity. It was a retreat worthy of someone who died trying to achieve an unattainable Dream. One morning when the sun was shining unusually, all the animals gathered around that tomb, which had turned into a warning to those daring. Suddenly, they were amazed.
That hard crust began to crack and with astonishment, saw some eyes and an antenna that could not be of the caterpillar which they thought was dead. Little by little, as to give them time to recover from the shock, came out the beautiful wings, like a rainbow, of that impressive being they had in front of their eyes: A BUTTERFLY.
There was nothing to say, for they all knew what he would do: he will fly to the great mountain and realize the Dream, the Dream for which he lived for, died for and returned to life. All of them had been wrong.

God created us to realize a Dream, to live for it, to try to fulfill it, to put our lives on the line for it and if we see that we can not do that, maybe we need a rest and make a radical change in our lives. And then, another way, with other options and with God’s grace, we will.


Despre Ynu

I think I’m still in the tunnel, waiting to see the light, waiting for you, waiting to stand together under the sun, I’m waiting…


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