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The World, so big, within your eyes,
So sad and wrath.
Your heart, your soul, within your eyes,
So sad, so bitter.
I wish I could BREAK all the bad,
Your soul, your heart should rest with peace,
With joy and all the happy thoughts.
A child should have a happy life,
The child within, the child so pure,
Bring him above and let him rule
Over the Cruel Bad World.
The Bad and Wrong SHOULD disappear
And in your eyes then I could see
The Joy, the Peace, the Happiness.
I wish I could take ALL the bad
Within your heart, your mind and soul
And send it to the black lost universe;
The sadness ALL should disappear
Melting away in nothingness.
I feel this pain inside my heart, my mind and soul
Tearing apart in thousand pieces…
Where YOU begin… where I would end,
Where do we meet and who am I…
A part is there and what is here
If only you could tell… I should fulfill and meet my fate.
What is our world, who is around us…
Could be so much, but yet, so less
When half a heart is not at ease,
The other half is torn apart.
So then again I WISH…
You would come open with a lightened heart.
Is that a friend? Your friend and soul-mate.
And if he’s not, you have him still: your friend, he is.
He’ll understand, I’m sure, and have the power
To set your heart at ease.
And when he does, this half should be at peace.
I love him too, for what he does for you, for me…
And in the end, so far away and yet, you’re here
Within my heart, my mind, my soul.
A song should rise from this… I WISH.


Despre Ynu

I think I’m still in the tunnel, waiting to see the light, waiting for you, waiting to stand together under the sun, I’m waiting…


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